CP+ Spiritual Fitness app on iPhone screen

A Daily Routine
For Everyone

How does it work? Just 5 minutes or less a day is all you need to complete the steps to take action in growing your faith. Start your daily routine today.

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It’s just three simple steps to complete your daily routine. We will walk alongside you each day as you listen or read a passage, spend a moment in prayer, and act out your faith in a quick, practical fashion.

Listen. Pray. Act.

CP+ Spiritual Fitness app on iPhone screen
CP+ Spiritual Fitness app on iPhone screen

Additional Features

Look back at weekly content and complete any steps you missed.
Receive daily notifications reminding you to complete your steps.
Create your own custom reminders at your desired times.
Use your Apple Watch to view daily, weekly, and monthly stats.

Ready to Get Started?

Kick off your spiritual fitness journey today by downloading the app for your phone or watch.

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